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Canadian Citizenship
The Canadian passport is among the strongest in the world. There are several advantages of being a Canadian Citizen. Becoming a Canadian citizen comes with benefits and advantages those are not generally available to temporary and permanent residents.
Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Freedom to travel other countries without visa

For the most part, Canadians can travel anywhere in the world without worrying about visa restrictions. Canada recognizes dual citizenship, so if your country of birth also recognizes dual citizenship, then you may find yourself in the privileged position of holding two passports.

Right to vote and run for political office

Canadian citizenship comes with the right to vote in federal and provincial elections. Canadian citizens may play a vital role in influencing federal and provincial politics. Canadian citizens may hold a political office and represent Canadian constituents on issues like taxes, education, and foreign policy.

Not to worry about losing status

Permanent residents must comply with certain residency requirements to maintain the status whereas, Canadians citizens can spend as much time as they like outside of Canada with no immigration and/or Canadian residency requirements and/or consequences. In addition, Canadian citizens will not ordinarily lose citizenship if convicted of a crime, while permanent residents will face deportation if the crime is considered serious enough to merit this consequence.

More job opportunities

Canadian citizens may qualify for certain federal and provincial jobs those require citizenship as well as jobs requiring security clearances. On the other hand, permanent residents may find themselves with employment choices that are limited by their status.

Need not to renew the immigration documentation

Permanent Resident cards are valid only for five years. Permanent Resident (PR) cards are required for international travel and may be requested by employers or other government agencies as a proof of permanent resident status. Therefore, permanent residents are in the unenviable position of needing to file a new application for a Permanent Resident Card and pay a new fee every five years. Canadian citizens have no similar obligation. A Citizenship Certificate is valid for indefinitely and Canadian citizens who wish to travel internationally need only renew their passports every ten years.