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No – The language of instruction for post-secondary study should be in English and the attached documents must depict the same.

The calculator uses the following rules to determine the number of days absent for each absence declared:


1. When calculating an absence, the day you leave Canada and the day you return is NOT considered an absence. Both are counted as days of physical presence because you were physically in Canada for a part of the day of departure or arrival.

2. An absence on February 29 (leap day) is counted as an absence or is credited as a presence.

No, you cannot use anytime spent in Canada without the authorized status of temporary resident, protected person, or permanent resident towards your physical presence calculation.


Temporary resident status includes lawful authorization to enter or remain in Canada as a:

  • 1.Visitor
  • 2.Student
  • 3.Worker or
  • 4.Temporary resident permit holder

A protected person is someone who:

1. was found to be in need of protection or a convention refugee by the Immigration and Refugee Board or

2. a person who received a positive decision on a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment from IRCC.


Note: If you made a refugee claim, or were included on a family members refugee claim, you will not be credited time in Canada from the date of the refugee claim until you received a positive decision confirming that you are a protected person as described above.

Yes. List all absences, even if you come back the same day.

To use the physical presence calculator, you must enter exact dates. Check your passport and other records like: banking records, travel itineraries and receipts to help you determine your dates of travel.

Note: You can apply for record of crossing with US border services.

Yes. All absences from Canada, regardless of the reason, must be declared.

Note: You can apply for record of crossing with US border services

Yes, all absences from Canada during your eligibility period, the five (5) years preceding the date of your application, must be declared. Therefore, your absences during your time as a temporary resident or protected person within the eligibility period must be declared as well