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Canadian Refugee Visa

People who claim asylum in Canada have to undergo a rigorous process, which will be the deciding factor whether the claim is legitimate to be accepted or not. For a better understanding, we have answered the most crucial queries of the refugee claimants.

A new Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)

Changes to the asylum system came into effect on December 15, 2012, with the goal of improving efficiency in making quicker decisions, deterring abuse resettling more refugees, facilitating transition to life in Canada, and more quickly removing unsuccessful refugee claimants.

A list of Designated Countries of Origin (DCO); these are countries that do not normally produce refugees and are under pressure to respect human rights and provide state protection–processing times are estimated at 30–45 days for claimants from these countries; 60 days for other claimants–for a list of DCOs, please check below.