Working while Studying

Eligibility requirements :

You can work off campus without a work permit if you meet all of these requirements:

How many hours you can work off campus ? During regular school terms/semesters. You can work up to 20 hours
per week. You can work more than 1 job to make up these hours as long as you continue to meet the
conditions of your study permit.

During scheduled breaks in the school year you can work full-time if you’re on a scheduled break, such as
winter and summer holidays, or a fall or spring reading week. You’re free to work overtime or work 2
part-time jobs that add up to a higher than usual number of hours.

You must be a full-time student both before and after the break to work full-time. You can’t work during a
break that comes before you start your very first school semester.

Note – If you’re on an authorized leave  If you’re on an authorized leave from your studies, or you’re switching
schools and you’re not studying, you can’t work off campus. You can only return to work once you’re back to

Note – If your study permit doesn’t have work conditions on it
You can ask to have these conditions added if you’re eligible to work off campus. There’s no fee to add these
conditions to your permit.

You must request an amendment to your study permit before you can apply to Service Canada for a SIN.